After setting up my Unraid server, I haven’t been checking on it as much as I should. The dashboard would be filled with notifications that I haven’t checked, so I wanted to recieve notifications outside of it.


I found wepee’s post on the Unraid forum and it seemed simple enough to do.

I went to the Settings page and then Notification Settings.

I then scrolled down to the SMTP Settings.

Instead of using GMail like the tutorial, I chose to use SMTP2GO as I already had an account. I took the settings from the set up page and placed them where the GMail settings went.

I put the email I wanted the notification to be sent from in the Sending email address and the receiving email in Email recipients. I also set the Authentication method to Login and inputted my SMTP2GO user’s details.

I then clicked APPLY and TEST to send a test email. Thankfully, there were no issues with sending the email.

Finally, I scrolled up and changed my Notification Settings and checked the Email boxes for what I wanted to recieve. After clicking APPLY, I was done.


This process was very quick and easy so I regret not setting it up earlier. I look forward to seeing updates on the status on my server.