With the new release of the V0.2, there were some upgrades that I wanted to do. I was most interested in the tophat and skirts. The tophat would require reassembling the frame, so I opted for the new skirts instead. The new design also incorporated a bottom panel which was the main reason for me wanting the upgrade.


I printed the following STLs from the repository. I didn’t opt for the screen as I thought it was unnecessary. I also didn’t print the accent pieces as I only had black filament.

  • Foot_Front_Left_x1
  • Foot_Front_Right_x1
  • Foot_Rear_Left_Inlet_x1
  • Foot_Rear_Right_x1
  • Front_Skirt_A_x1
  • Front_Skirt_B_x1
  • Headless_Skirt_Insert_x1
  • Rear_Skirt_x1
  • Side_Skirt_Mirror_x2
  • Side_Skirt_x2

Printed parts


First, I removed all of the old skirts and feet. I attached the feet as shown on page 101 of the V0.2 manual. I needed to reposition the M3 nuts for the power inlet, which required removing one of the extrusions. I loosened another and was able to transfer the nuts.

Moving the M3 nuts

Moving M3 nuts

I also moved the power inlet to the new part, ensuring that the wires were wired the same.

I then proceeded to install the feet as on page 102.

The installation of the skirts was easy as I followed pages 208 and onward. I didn’t have a screen so I used the headless skirt. The PTFE tube couldn’t completely go through the foot. I might just leave it as is.


Overall, changing the skirts was easy. The only challenging part was moving the nuts and changing the power inlet. In the future, I’m planning on getting a panel to cover the bottom.