The current side panels of the V0.1 require twelve screws to be removed to remove the panel. The ZeroPanel mod allows for removing side panels without any screws.

Printing Parts

I printed the following STLs from the repository.

  • zp_clip_x3
  • zp_hinge_bottom_fixed_x1
  • zp_hinge_bottom_moving_x1
  • zp_smooth_x1
  • zp_midclip_optional_x2

I had lots of trouble printing this as my SuperSlicer profile only enabled the part fan for longer layers. I ended up tweaking some settings and adding brim to prevent warping. With the brim, I was able to increase the speed factor to 150%. With eSUN ABS+, I set first layer temperature to 245 nozzle and 100 bed. The other layers were 240 nozzle and 90 bed.

I did a test of the zp_clip and attached them to the left side of my printer. I noticed that the clips interfered with the motor idlers, so I broke off those parts. I’ll likely also need to trim foam from the area later. The top clips also interfered with the top hat, creating a small gap.

I modified the files on TinkerCAD and printed the following from my repository:

  • zp_clip_back_mirrored_x1
  • zp_clip_back_x1
  • zp_clip_top_left_x1
  • zp_clip_top_right_x2
  • zp_hinge_top_fixed_x1
  • zp_hinge_top_moving_x1
  • zp_smooth_top_x1

I also printed handles from this repository, but I couldn’t use them as the panels were too far from the frame.


I attached VHB tape to the clips and stuck the panel on. My panels were 2.5mm thick, so I bought 3/16 inch thick foam instead of 1/8 inch.

I added the three magnets per hinge as according to the instructions.

I removed the M3 nuts from the corner extrusions as they kept interfering with the clips. It was easily done by removing the feet. I ended up removing the rest of the nuts as well.

I used the mid and back clips for the back panel. I attached some foam tape to keep pressure on the panel. I might change it to hinged in the future as the clips don’t like sticking to the panel.

For the front door, I ended up adding another magnet on top of the door latches. The attachment isn’t very strong, but it’s good enough for me.


The ZeroPanels make removing panels much easier. I would’ve done this much earlier had I known the mod existed.