I got my Kobo Glo at a liquidator years ago and upgraded the internal microSD card to 128GB. I ended up breaking the power button, so I didn’t use the reader. I want to try some projects with the eReader so there isn’t a point in keeping that large of an microSD card incside. I have a spare 8GB card that I’ll use to replace the current one.

Getting the Firmware

I lost the image of the original SD card, so I needed to get the file. Luckily, the mobileread forum members are still sharing their images. After getting the image, I could skip copying the SD card from the Memory Upgrade Mod Guide.

Flashing the new Micro SD Card

I followed anacat’s iFixit guide for the Glo HD to remove the back cover. I then unplugged the battery since my power switch didn’t work.

Next, I downloaded Flash Drive Image Writer and MiniTool Partition Wizard Free 12.6. I executed the USB Duplicator and selected the image I downloaded and the microSD card I was going to write to. I then selected Write Image and Yes on the Continue? prompt. Picking destination Confirm format

I then installed the free version of MiniTool Partition Wizard and launched it. I then right clicked the KOBOeReader partition and clicked Extend. I slide the slider all the way to the right and clicked OK then Apply. Partition software Right click menu Extending partition Applying changes

With that, I was done and ejected the microSD card and inserted it into the eReader. After closing up the back and booting it up, I was able to continue with a fresh installation.


This was much easier than I remember it being. I am worried about the software I needed to install to do this, so I will reformat my computer just in case.