YouTube removed the dislike button making it hard to judge whether a video was useful or not. We wanted to make it easy to search for what you needed and know if the video was liked by its audience.


What it does

Our application returns the functionality of YouTube took out not so long ago. We were able to ressurect the “dislike” button. With this We have restored the good old fashioned way of determining whether a YouTube was worth while watching (like/dislike ratio). We were able to restore the YouTube search to its former glory.

The user is prompted for something they’d like to restore followed by a prompt for a Google API key. The program then takes the search string and API key to send a search request to YouTube. The returned videos are then sent through’s API to retrieve video information (likes/views/dislikes). A ratio is calculated between the likes and dislikes to find the highest rated video. The videos are then outputted from highest ratio to lowest for the user to select from. The information on the videos are also displayed so the user can pick another video if the first one isn’t to their liking.

How we built it

The program was written in Java. With this project we were able to impliment Google’s own YouTube API responsible for pulling video ID’s and titles. Information about videos including dislikes and likes were retrieved using


Type your search into the console. Then input the Google API Key. Then tadah your results sorted by the likes/dislikes ratio.

Challenges we ran into

Some challenges include working with an API for our first time. Making it very difficult for us to learn on the spot. We also did encounter some difficulty learning about sorting 2D arrays, as we haven’t really learned this yet. We also tried embedding our Java program into a website, but after a few hours, we couldn’t get it to work.

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

It works! We never tried using API’s before and after lots of trial and error, we were able to implement in our program.

What we learned

We learned how to call and get a response from API’s via two methods.

What’s next for YouTube was Wrong

Possibly a fancy GUI with thumbnails and YouTube channel names


Submitted by James Liang, Vincent Trung for UofTHacks IX 2022