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Avid student exploring different aspects of technology and business. I dedicate my spare time to learning new things, whether it be a Proxmox Virtual Environment installation or the creation of a WordPress website.

I have been interested in technology since a young age and took a particular interest in servers as consumers could purchase old enterprise gear and utilize them at home. For years, I’ve been dismantling and tinkering with computers as a hobby. As time progressed I learned more concepts and eventually wandered back to enterprise hardware.

After doing copious amounts of research I decided to embark on my first major project, the Mac Pro 4,1. I’ve written a blog on my experiences with that project and the issues I faced. As that project closed, I moved onto my second major project, my own home lab. Through this new project I expect to see many more hours spent on troubleshooting and research.

Through these experiences I’ve gathered different snippets of knowledge such as editing files on Ubuntu or formatting disks and passing them through to a virtual machine.

I have only recently taken an interest in business. Being introduced to it in my first year at high school, I found the accounting section intriguing. With this new interest, I’ve decided to enroll in my school’s Specialist High Skills Major and to pursue a CPA designation in the future. This will pose many new challenges in the world of business that I’ve never experienced.

Everyday is a new challenge, with these new challenges I continue to expand my horizons.