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Hi! I'm James.

I'm a 17 year old high school student that's passionate about AI, and Quantum Computing. Machine Learning greatly interests me, and I've applied it in a variety of different fields - ranging from NLP, Computer Vision, Reinforcement Learning, and more!

ML and AI are at the forefront of technology, and I plan to use it in my goal of making a large impact in the world. If you're interested in following my progress, then follow my monthly newsletter.

ML Dev (Python, Tensorflow)


Article Writing




Web Development



Student at the Vector Institute

Currently learning under Jimmy Ba at the vector institute, focusing on zero shot learning. Big thanks to Professor Ba for the awesome opportunity!

Quantum Computing + QML

One of my major interests right now are quantum computing and machine learning. I'm currently progressing on UofT's Edx course on QML to develop my skills and knowledge.

Deep Reinforcement Learning

I'm learning and coding a variety of DRL projects, including implementations of PPO, DQNs, DDPG, and more.


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Cycle Gan

Zero Shot Learning

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Doom Bot

Deep Bayesian Bandits

Adversarial Noise Generator

Sentiment Classifier

Intro to Deep Learning

Signal Pathways - mTOR and Longevity

Playing Doom with DRL

Proximal Policy Optimization

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Toronto, Canada

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(+1) 647 982 8585

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